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NJ Law Enforcement Home Pages -Links to Police, Sheriff's, Prosecutor's Home Pages.
Dr. Jeff Bernstein & Associates, Inc.
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics -Statistics on Crime Related Information.
  • Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page -Criminal Justice Resource on the Web.
  • The Complete Directory of Law Enforcement - Directory of "Official" Law Enforcement Agencies around the world and the U.S.
  • COPNet -A Police Resourse Listing.
  • COPS Home Page -Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. or COPS.
  • COPS online - The T.V. Show has it's own Web Page.
  • Corrections Connection - Information and links on Corrections.
  • Dowdall--Adventures in Criminal Justice Research -Links to Important Criminal Justice and Sociology Sites
  • Emergency Resource Directory - A comprehensive guide to all emergency related sites on the web
  • Justice Information Center (NCJRS) - is one of the most extensive sources of information on criminal and juvenile justice in the world.
  • Law Enforcement Memorial Home Page - Web Page Honoring Officers killed in the Line of Duty.
  • Law Enforcement Patches Collecting Links - A Web Page with links to Law Enforcement patch collectors.
  • Law Enforcement Sites on the Web - This may be the largest Law Enforcement Web Site on the net. More information, and resources than you can imagine. A great site.
  • National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) -represents 4,000 police associations and unions and nearly 200,000 sworn law enforcement officers across the country.
  • National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund - Memorial in Washington D.C.
  • Wadsworth/West Criminal Justice Resource Center - a useful reference center that professors, students, professionals and others with an interest in criminal justice.
  • International German American Police Association A Fraternal Association for German American Police Officer's
  • Safe Cop's . com - the only good cop is a safe cop........
  • East Orange (NJ) Police Department
  • NJ State PBA site <OFFICERS< a>
    New Jersey State Police Benevolent Association

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